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Without a decade in my real estate career and working with a wonderful real estate investors, I would not be able to offer what I can offer today.
 As my journey began with assisting my real estate investor clients in renovating property and selling this property, I have realized that assisting real estate investors was something that I really enjoyed. The process included market analysis and research, and of course the most important task was to meet my clients expectations. As we completed the project and expectations were met, we moved on to many other real estate opportunities.

While meeting new real estate investor clients, I have realized that “one size does not fit all” and I needed to customize to each clients needs. It was then, I met clients who bought multiple real estate income investment properties, investors with a short term goals (renovating) and selling renovated property, and investors who bought fixer uppers, and then renovated and rented those properties out with a long term investment goal in mind.

I have also assisted clients with purchasing both multi–family lots and building custom homes where I assist my clients with the final sale. I also represent my out-of-state clients as a project manager on renovating multi-family units, where I am responsible to locate, meet and interview local contractors, designers, 3D rendering specialists, supervise their work and am responsible to make executive decisions on color choices and interior finishing (of course with my client’s approval). These decisions will increase the value of the homes and ultimately sell the properties.



I’m offering real estate enthusiasts, real estate agents, and real estate companies, consulting sessions in packages of 1 or 3, to really learn the ins and outs of real estate investing.

First, I will evaluate the information you’ve given me and design your unique session(s), based on your real estate needs and goals.Second, you will learn my step-by-step process on how to become a real estate investor. During this process, you’ll gain knowledge of learning to identify the property(s) that fits your real estate goals. I will teach and give you the tools on how to break down any expenses associated with your property and how to calculate the bottom line of your investment.

If you’re an agent,  you will learn how to identify, work with, and keep a relationship with investors, as well as how to become a project manager for your local and out-of-state clients.

These sessions make great investments for real estate companies looking to help their team of agents, grow their real estate businesses.
Real estate companies will have the opportunity to generate more sales if their agents can be educated on working with investors, because it becomes a life long relationship.
As an investor’s real estate portfolio grows, so does the real estate agent’s sales.

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